A blacksmith’s good heat and bad heat

An engineer friend visited a working blacksmith on a museum and asked him about the metallurgy and heating processes. The blacksmith pointed out that coke is the best fuel for getting a good hot furnace and that a gas-fired furnace, while able to get up to the same temperature does not produce as “good” heat […]

The good, the bad and the ugly poster

Getting your scientific idea across at a conference does not rely on securing a speaker’s slot. The poster sessions at some conferences are often bigger than the lectures and with a good poster you can get a lot of offline eyeballs taking a look. The poster presentation is not about pasting your paper or thesis […]

Blame the environment for your bad habits

Live fast, die young. You’re a long time gone. Sleep when you’re dead. The hedonists mantras. Lifestyle choices whether in terms of food consumption, alcohol and drugs or sexual activity are down to the individual. Nannying by governments, who have their own mantras: Smoking Kills, Know your limits, Get your five-a-day, Use protection, etc, all […]