Felix Baumgartner space dive

UPDATE: He’s back down! Safe and well. UPDATE: 2012-10-14 He’s going up, right now! http://www.redbullstratos.com/live/ Baumgartner’s mission to the edge of space will try to surpass human limits that have existed for more than fifty years. Supported by a team of experts, he will undertake a stratospheric balloon flight to almost 37000 metres and then […]

Felix Baumgartner to freefall from almost 40 km up

Real-life action hero Felix Baumgartner plans to take a balloon up to the edge of space and then to jump out. In freefall he hopes to break the speed record for a human travelling without a machine, the needle, as it were, reaching speeds in excess of the speed of sound. In the BBC newsclip […]