Greatest app on Earth

Atlas by Collins (launched today) pitches itself as the greatest app on Earth (geddit?). It’s a constantly evolving data visualisation tool for representing worldwide information on a selection of themed globes with over 200,000 places to explore. I took a look and I have to say it is stupendous on the iPad. Interactive spinning 3D […]

All the water on Earth

We’ve all seen the graphic, now here comes a video to show all the water on Earth, the drop that is the freshwater and the droplet that is the available fresh water. And to think it could all be evaporated in an instant by a burst of energy from an exploding star or more tangibly […]

Fragile Earth? There’s an app for that

See the world change in front of your eyes with the Fragile Earth app for iPad. Essentially, it’s an interactive photo gallery that gives a bird’s-eye view of 73 natural and human locations around the world as they are now, and with a swipe, as they were before climate change, urbanization and nature’s raw power […]