Notes for a Periodic Table of Elements Songs

Working on creating a Periodic Table of the Elements in which each entry is a song: Love is Like Oxygen – The Sweet Gold – Spandau Ballet Helium – Feeder Titanium – David Guetta Pocket full of Kryptonite?” Radiohead ‘My Iron Lung’? Lithium – Nirvana, Iron Man – Black Sabbath, Boron Under A Bad […]

Zappar the flaming elements

My issue of Education in Chemistry arrived today complete with a nice big poster of burning elemental symbols, each coloured to represent the actual flame test colour you get when burning lithium, barium, potassium etc. It is a promo for the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Lower Sixth (C3L6). But, this is no ordinary poster. Grab your […]

Updating the Periodic Table

Updating the Periodic Table – IUPAC and IUPAP have officially added elements 114 and 116 to the Periodic Table. The elements with atomic weights of 289 and 292, respectively, were first sighted more than a decade ago. However, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)and the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics […]