Exercise, alcohol, fruit and veg

There was a strike at the BBC yesterday, so the usual “You and Yours” on Radio 4 was replaced with an annotated compilation of recent in-depth reports by Michael Moseley from past episodes (I believe). It made for an interesting alternative podcast listen on my dog-walk today. He discussed the high-intensity exercise regime he tried […]

Three minutes of exercise really isn’t enough

As promised, here are the thoughts of Soren Brage, an Investigator Scientist in Physical Activity at the MRC Epidemiology Unit in Cambridge on the recent BBC Horizon program featuring Michael Moseley taking part in a TV experiment to see how good high-intensity training (HIT) might be for his health. “One could point out some obvious […]

Three minutes of exercise is not enough

BBC Horizon recently discussed the recent burst of activity surrounding claims that just 3 minutes of very intense exercise (HIT high intensity training), done in 3×20 second sessions three times each week is enough to improve various health factors (such as insulin sensitivity and lung capacity). The program’s presenter Michael Mosely is a medical doctor […]