Galaxy Zoo: the font of galactic knowledge

Earlier, I mentioned GalaxyZoo, the crowdsourced galaxy categorisation site, what I forgot to mention is the fact that there are galaxies to match every letter of the alphabet, which means there is a truly galactic font out there and the site’s creators have developed an app to let you write your own message in galacticalligraphy: […]

Scientific Knowledge Quiz

As we’re in a testing frame of mind, I thought I’d discuss a little quiz that was published as a kind of quasi-scientific assessment of intellect. The basic premise was to find out whether you, the participant, knows more science than the average American. In The Science Knowledge Quiz you’re asked 12 questions, that most […]

Social Media for Scientists

Towards the end of October, I received a flurry of emails asking me to check out new social networking sites for scientists, I’ve already reviewed the nanoscience community, of course. I suspect that, the academic year having moved into full swing, there were a few scientists hoping to tap into the power of social media […]