What if Greg House MD were on twitter?

What if Dr Gregory House were on twitter? Hungardian doctor Berci Meskó MD PhD ‏knows his medical communities and uses the internet like a pro in his practice: “We must include digital literacy in the medical curriculum,” he tells TEDxNijmegen ;-)

Alternative medicine hazard warning sign – !Rx

I just posted an interview with Edzard Ernst in which he discusses his very serious concerns with the widespread, unthinking acceptance of certain forms of alternative medicine. I used a little bit of pseudo-code,  !Rx, which was meant to symbolise the opposite of conventional medicine. If Rx is symbolic of a medical prescription from the […]

Edzard Ernst Q&A on !Rx

The recent death of Apple boss Steve Jobs is putatively yet another example of how dangerous spurious alternative medicine (!Rx) can be. In October 2003, when Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he turned not to real medicine but to acupuncture, macrobiotic diets, and visits to a spiritualist. If he had seen an oncologist sooner, […]