Musical emotion detector

Music recommendation systems have been around for a while,, Pandora, Spotify, Peter Gabriel’s “The Filter” and more recently they have been extended into the social domain, just like it was in the days before mp3s and Napster when we used to make mix tapes for each other and recommend bands. But, one thing that […]

Classic musical science and Stradivarnish

It won’t necessarily be music to the classical purist’s ear, but chemists have been instrumental in revealing the secret beneath the varnish on a Stradivari violins, and the secret is: there is no secret. Antonio Stradivari is perhaps the most famous instrument maker of all time. He is especially celebrated for his violins, which he […]

25 Scientific musos or 25 musical scientists

Science is fun, but there are times when even the most dedicated begoggled labcoat wearing bench monkey has to relax and lots of science types seem particularly drawn to playing music. Now, I’m not saying any of these people are bench monkeys, but they do all play music, as far as I know: harpistkat Kat […]