Deceived Wisdom World Book Day Offer

You can buy Deceived Wisdom in PDF, mobi or ePub format for your Kindle, tablet, phone, computer, device or other e-reader, drop me a line on feedback @ sciencebase dot com. Kris Dyer, narrator of the Audible version: “I LOVED your book, it’s brilliant. Funny, insightful, entertaining, readable – everything a book should be.” Deceived […]

Lifelong learning is about connecting people

Individuals now have the autonomy to make their own learning choices and in recent years there has been an emphasis on the “self made learner”, especially in adult education and ongoing professional development. As such, online communities and other so-called web 2.0 tools have come to the fore as potentially useful for educators and students […]

Online students and virtual supervisors

The numbers of international students taking on graduate degrees is on the increase, partly due to the advent of rapid communication and information tools and partly due to the recognition that globalisation is taking over the world. Hah! Supervisors I’ve spoken to over the years have always seen the mix of cultures in their laboratories […]