Notes for a Periodic Table of Elements Songs

Working on creating a Periodic Table of the Elements in which each entry is a song: Love is Like Oxygen – The Sweet Gold – Spandau Ballet Helium – Feeder Titanium – David Guetta Pocket full of Kryptonite?” Radiohead ‘My Iron Lung’? Lithium – Nirvana, Iron Man – Black Sabbath, Boron Under A Bad […]

Time to rebuild the Periodic Table electronically

Back in the 20th century, around the time quantum physics was emerging, Niels Bohr tried to explain the pattern of elements that make up the Periodic Table based on the order in which each atom’s “shells” fill with electrons. Unfortunately, the theoretical filling order governed by the so-called Aufbau principle doesn’t actually work experimentally and […]

A periodic mass debate

Elemental discoveries have been a recurring theme during my more than 20 years as a science writer, not least because that was the name of my first column on the web back in 1995/6. It’s apt then, that IUPAC and IUPAP have finally given official names to the three elements discovered during that period – […]