Shaking off the flies, head for Mars

Having mused on the possibility of our escaping to the stars, I began wondering whether we might not just hop over to Mars and carry out a terraforming program there to give us a new home. There was a NASA video showing what Mars might have been like 4 billion years ago. It perhaps blue […]

Wishful Thinking

An eclectic mix of electric, acrostic acoustic indie rock from the man “The Manc Roger Waters” calls “The Geordie Glenn Tilbrook”. Tracks remastered for high-quality download via BandCamp. Wishful Thinking by Dave Bradley Winter Warmer – Taking the road to redemption: “An awesome tune”, “Very cool song. I love the guitar work and the ambient […]

Three chill-fractured stones: Part 1

Three chill-fractured stones. Esoteric microfiction, the short story adapted from my prog rock track Golden Light. It tells the story of three ship-wrecked travellers who find themselves chasing a dream across the desert… — Part 2 —