What if Greg House MD were on twitter?

What if Dr Gregory House were on twitter? Hungardian doctor Berci Meskó MD PhD ‏knows his medical communities and uses the internet like a pro in his practice: “We must include digital literacy in the medical curriculum,” he tells TEDxNijmegen ;-)

Sciencebase Twitter archive

UPDATED: As far as I know everyone on Twitter can now download an archive of all their twitter activity, there are a few neat things you can do with the data once you’ve got it. For instance, you could upload it all to your website (or your Google Drive) make it public and searchable as […]

Organ donors on Facebook and Twitter

UPDATE #EveryLittleBitHelps – hashtag H/T to @JoForrest There is far too much squeamishness regarding organ donation and transplant. Some of it is down to emotional attachment and denial, which is to be expected. Much of it is due to our own death anxiety, again an evolutionarily adaptation one can assume. Then there’s the question of […]