What if Greg House MD were on twitter?

What if Dr Gregory House were on twitter? Hungardian doctor Berci Meskó MD PhD ‏knows his medical communities and uses the internet like a pro in his practice: “We must include digital literacy in the medical curriculum,” he tells TEDxNijmegen ;-)

Hawking, Sagan and Arthur C Clarke – “together”

Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan and Arthur C Clarke were brought together (Sagan via satellite link) in conversation to discuss life, the universe and everything back in 1988.

Supersonic ping pong ball

What happens when a ping pong ball moving at supersonic speed hits a bat? This video, which is dripping college degrees, explains the physics and shows a few test shots. NO amount of wrist action can defeat supersonic… Do not try this at home. I’m talking to you “King Julian”