Tenth Anniversary

Elemental Discoveries, the precursor to this blog, existed in various forms on the AFN, the Tallahassee Freenet and enterprise.net from Spring 1996. But, today (July 20) is the official tenth anniversary of when I registered the sciencebase.com domain. At that point I started to get serious about building up a science portal (as they were then known) and publishing regular science news, views, and interviews in a precursor to the blogging format. Quite by chance it’s also the fortieth anniversary of a slightly more globally significant event – the first manned moon landing…

Anyway, in celebration of my small achievement as opposed to a giant leap, I was going to pick a few items from the archives to try and show just how diverse is Sciencebase coverage, but I suspect, everyone will be wanting to know about that other anniversary today, so I’ve decided not to run with the original plan…

Oh, by the way, this is the 1600th blog post on Sciencebase, although there are hundreds of other items on the site in the archives, and lying outside the blog framework. Assuming 2000 articles averaging 500 words each, that’s approximately 1 million words, about 100,000 words per year, 250 working days per year(?) that’s 400 words per 8h day, 50 words an hour…doesn’t seem an awful lot. But, then check out my science writer resume page to see how I fill the rest of the work time.

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