The Blind Spot: Science and the Crisis of Uncertainty

The Blind Spot: Science and the Crisis of Uncertainty – “In today’s unpredictable and chaotic world, we look to science to provide certainty and answers–and often blame it when things go wrong. The Blind Spot reveals why our faith in scientific certainty is a dangerous illusion, and how only by embracing science’s inherent ambiguities and paradoxes can we truly appreciate its beauty and harness its potential.”

So says the blurb on Byers latest book. I’m not so sure, there are many scientists out there, who while recognising that there is uncertainty and subjectivity in observations, particularly thanks to those bastions of 20th Century physics, quantum mechanics and relativity, still maintain that we could eventually explain everything.

Perhaps, there’s actually a middle ground, with a universe at least 100 billion light years across (viz its almost 14b year expansion) and theories that suggest the tiniest of entities are 100 times smaller than the smallest observed subatomic particles, between uncertainty and absolute objectivity.


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  1. The universe is expanding, it’s not “moving”, space can expand faster than the speed of light according to general relativity. Computer models based on the laws of general relativity suggest that the Universe has grown to over 95 billion light years across during the 13.7by since Big Bang. However it could be bigger but will can never “see” beyond the 13by –

    Hope that helps ;-)

  2. is there a simple explanation as to how the universe is 100billion ly across even though it is only 14bly old? As in, it’s expanding at around 3.5 times the speed of light..what makes this possible?

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