The Daily Fail

Periodically I receive links to stories in the British “tabloid” newspaper, The Daily Mail, from Sciencebase readers. I am yet to see anything in that paper that is worth the ink or electrons. Moreover, I wouldn’t even deem it fit to be torn up into squares and hung from a string in the lavatory for emergency use when you run out of loo roll.

This is an old clip from “Dan and Dan” singing The Daily Mail Song, if you have clipped a URL from the paper’s bizarrely popular web site, please watch, listen and learn before you share that link. We don’t call it the Daily Fail for nothing.

One thought on “The Daily Fail”

  1. Ha! I hadn’t seen that before. Excellent!

    And I completely agree on this too. It fills me with sadness when everyone starts tweeting outrage about today’s Daily Fail headline, basically doing their marketing for them…

    Don’t feed them, let them fade away and die quietly…


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