Top Ten Hot Biologists

Purely in the interests of science, I headed over to flickr to see if I could find a snap of a particular biologist I was writing about today. Couldn’t find a single one, but all the faces that came up got me thinking that perhaps it would be fun and waste a few minutes when I should be working to pull together a list of the top biological totty. So, here it is a whirlwind tour of the world of biologists, in no particular order and no one vetted particularly closely.

Female biologists in action

  • Ninoka
  • Heather
  • Louise and friends
  • Susan
  • Claire
  • Alicia
  • Cerbu
  • Neguin
  • Elinay
  • Beck

For the sake of completeness, and to avoid accusations of sexism, I also gathered together ten male biologists in the field who also featured on flickr.

  • Glyn
  • John
  • Geoff
  • James
  • Dan
  • Alan
  • Bruce
  • Stan
  • Jeff
  • Chuck

I’ll leave it to Sciencebase readers to decide which if any should be in either top ten list. One thing to note, facial hair is common among biologists (but only in the second list).

Tomorrow, physicists on and then chemists on myspace

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