Twitter Top 10 of science by The Independent

1. Brian Cox
2. Ben Goldacre
3. Richard Dawkins
4. Neil DeGrasse Tyson
5. David Bradley
6. Robin Ince
7=. Andy Lewis
7=. Mo Costandi
9. Roger Highfield
10. Tim Berners-Lee

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via The Twitter 100: Top 10 science – News – People – The Independent. Nice to have beaten Robin Ince, maybe he’ll respond to my tweets now! I made it to joint #73 in the Top 100 “Titans of the Twittersphere” overall, sandwiched between journalist India Knight and politician Louise Mensch and sharing the slot with those two and journalist and entrepeneur Alberto Nardelli. I always thought it was Blogosphere and Twitterhood.

7 thoughts on “Twitter Top 10 of science by The Independent”

  1. Actually I also have my doubts about the metric. For instance, Phil Plait (@BadAstronomer) is not in the list despite nearly 167,000 followers and more than 23,000 tweets. On the other hand, Tim Berners-Lee is in with “only” 63,000 followers and 276 tweets…

  2. Perhaps it says that there aren’t many female celebrities in science or that they are not getting the big follower numbers for some reason and aren’t quite as active on the site as those in the top 10. However, I do doubt the validity of the metric, there are people missing from the list who, I am pretty sure, should be higher than me based on the traction and engagement they get for their tweets, both male and female.

  3. I don’t doubt the metric. I was just wondering about the fact that no women made it to the top 10, what it says about scientists, people who twit and people who follow…

  4. The list was generated by PeerIndex based on their Twitter ranking metrics. I’ve absolutely no idea why no women show up, except that part of the metric is to do with follower number, activity and interaction. I suspect follower number is the biggest weight in the equation. Who among female science types on Twitter has the sort of follower numbers of the people in the Top 10?

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