What will Sciencebase do?

By the end of 2011 Sciencebase will…

…have published well over 2000 posts, including some archived items dating back to 1995.

…have aggregated 5000 RSS newsfeed subscribers.

…have counted approximately 4000 “fans” on Facebook.

…have been added to about 5000 Google+ circles.

…have, at this week’s growth rate, 14,000 followers on Twitter and tweeted an average of pi times for every four followers.

…have saved approximately 8000 links on social bookmarking sites Delicious/trunk.ly and Diigo.

…have auomatically filtered and blacklisted 27,000 spam comments.

…have served 200 gigabytes of data to 1.5 million visitors to the site in 2011 not including those who read via syndication services and RSS.

…have used an additional 50 Gigabytes of bandwidth fending off 7 million hits from robots, worms and other spurious non-human entities.

…have wished all our readers, commenters, tweeps, fans, and others compliments of the season.

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