Who do the science literati listen to on Twitter?

Tony Hirst has been playing with altmetric and reveals a graph of the who the science literati are listening to on Twitter. By drilling down, he’s also revealed some of the most trusted accounts in the scientific domain by limiting the graph to those accounts followed by 100 or more of the folk who sent papers mentioning the pertinent tweets. No, I don’t quite get it either, but having got out a magnifying glass to see if I could find sciencebase on the main graph, I was relieved to be among good company on the drill down, with familiar names such as Carl Zimmer, SciAm, newscientist, featuring in the same area as sciencebase.

Among the usual suspects on the main graphic are Ed Yong, Mo Costandi, Bora Zivkovic, Brendan Maher, Jonathan Eisen, Michael Müller via Who Do The Science Literati Listen to on Twitter? « OUseful.Info, the blog…

2 thoughts on “Who do the science literati listen to on Twitter?”

  1. Re: the method used to generate the graph image, I added a little more explanation to the post;-)

    I also created a view of how @sciencebase is socially positioned on Twitter by:
    a) grabbing a sample of 1000 followers of the @sciencebase account;
    b) grabbing the friends lists for each member of that sample set
    c) constructing a directed graph with edges going from each member of the sample set to each of their friends
    d) filtering the graph to only show degrees with node >=100

    You can see the result at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/psychemedia/6310072364/

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