Who do you follow back on Twitter?

There is almost no limit to the number of people you could follow on Twitter, but when someone follows you, how do you decide whether to follow back or not? I’ve updated my handy cut-out-and-keep Twitter Decision Flowchart for the scientific age. You may wish to add your own block words, so print it in pencil and use an eraser ;-)

Please retweet and share wildly, we should all be applying these principles to boost the overall Twitter signal-to-noise ratio. With apologies to Star Wars fans, a little joke at their expense I was having.

7 thoughts on “Who do you follow back on Twitter?”

  1. Too many pop up windows! and the SAY SOMETHING: ¡hilarious!

    Anon, Why you UF’ed, did he follow back?

    When I Follow back I give the opportunity, the chance to my ‘fan’ not only to read me, but instead to interact, communicate and feed me.

  2. Wish I had been following the person who RT’d this article so I could have unfollowed her… Not #MuchUseful

  3. I’m sure I could spend at least a month tweaking and updating the flowchart and still never be finished, in the end we all make these kinds of assessments all the time on Twitter and in real life, judging other people’s behaviour, learning to trust, being cynical, skeptical etc. The things that are missing online are facial expressions, body language etc, so we have to make the judgements based on fewer cues.

  4. This made laugh, a lot!
    I also rateTweets vs Followers and Followers vs Follows.
    I dont know in the square of tweet, should you put something about the quality of this?

    Nice Flowchart! I had #MuchFUN

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