Wi-Fi by LED light

Forget Fanny by Gaslight…an LED light went on for German physicist Harald Haas who suggests that we could utilise LED lightbulbs as an alternative route for connecting to the Internet without disrupting the use of those LEDs for simple illumination. You can dim the lights so that they no longer shine but the data transmission is uninterrupted. 10,000 times more bandwidth, infrastructure already in place. Energy savings. Smartphones usually have an LED flashlight function so they can be a transmitter too. Data through illumination! Of course, light doesn’t pass through walls so security is ensured. Applications are beyond imagination at the moment says Haas.


3 thoughts on “Wi-Fi by LED light”

  1. Sitting at one’s desk with lights above though…or even in the lab, factory work bench, hospital, doctor’s office etc should be fine. Plus if it’s about making connectivity more energy-efficient it could have many advantages.

  2. Sounds cool. But since visible light doesn’t travel through walls… I have to have an uninterrupted view of the illuminating device? Does the angle of incidence have to be constant? If I’m rotating my phone to play some cool new game on my smartphone, is that going to interrupt my lifi access? If I turn my phone upside down, or have it in my pocket, I’m no longer in the lifi hotspot? If I’m walking down the street with lifi street lights, and my body casts a shadow over my smartphone before I hit the light beam of the next street light, I’m no longer able to receive data?

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