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Writely so

Google is expanding (again). You can now sign-up to use its online word processor, “Writely” without an invitation…

But, why would you want to do that? The tool allows you to create new documents from scratch, upload them from various file formats (including Word), or create them via e-mail batches. That all sounds well and good, but why not just use Word and avoid all that toing and froing with email batches? Well, what if you’re away from home and want to work on your book? Because Writely documents are online you can edit them from anywhere that you can access a computer connected to the net. (Securely, one hopes).

You can also organize your documents using the kinds of tags favoured in blogs like your beloved sciencebase and perhaps most importantly you can get the documents back out just as easily.

So, am I using Writely…? Well, no…but it’s not that I wouldn’t if I thought I had a need for it. It’s just that they’re yet to add the management consultancy BullshiDetector plugin I’ve got for Word.