Ye Olde Yahoo Group

Does anyone remember Yahoo Groups? Back on 29th June 2001 I used their free service to set up a newsletter for the Sciencebase website. I diligently sent out updates every week or two for many years to well over 1000 members at its height. Numbers have dwindled, not because anyone deliberately unsubscribed but simply as old email addresses grow lame and ultimately bounce when people change institution or ISP.

Anyway, there are still 777 members, which sounds almost heavenly, in the way that 666 sounds devilish. I still occasionally send out science news snippets to them but never hear back from anyone in the group other than the occasional spammer attempting to post some marketing #BS.

Anyway, if you are or were on the list and ultimately found your way to this site and perhaps subscribed to the RSS once that became the norm after Yahoo Groups and Usenet and stuff became less well used to people, do give me a shout out, here, on twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.

Almost 2% of the people I sent the latest message to clicked the link to my new album in the update…is that a decent hit rate? Probably twice as many as I’d have expected in the modern world of electronic marketing…but if only one of those thought about buying the album, then maybe it’s not worth the time? What do you think?

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