Satirical Cartoons

Dude: Dude, check this out!

Other dude: Whut?

Dude: Those science writer dudes are debating whether weed's addictive!

OD: Heheheh.

D: Heheheh.

OD: I'm not a weed addict.

D: Me neither, dog. I just choose to use 24/7.

OD: Me 2, dude! I chuze 2 uze 25/8!

D: Gneheheh.

OD: Those poor dudes are addicted to words.

D: That is sew troo dude. Yap yap yap. Type type type. QWERTYUIOP 24/7.

OD: Poor strung out mofos.

D: U no what eye wish those sooper smart bros would yap about?

OD: Whut, dude?

D: I read somewhere.

OD: You read, dude?

D: Sometimes, dog. I read that scientists discovered an effing receptor in the brain that was totally fine-tuned to respond to herb, man. They even called it the cannaboid receptor on account of the fact that the teensy weensy tiny bro was totally DESIGNED to respond to weed, man.

OD: No effing way.

D: Yes effing way. Now they try to clean it up and call it an "anandamide' receptor. []

OD: They call the weed receptor anandamide?

D: U goddit.

OD: Figgers. It's like anonymous - they totally wanna deny the power of ganja, man.

D: Sure would be nice if those dudes took some time out from debating whether weed's addictive to wondering about what it ackchewally does to the holographic biocomputer commonly known as the human mind.

OD: I wouldn't mind that at all dog.

D: Roger that, bro. Wanna hit?

OD: Is the sky blue?


Science Writer Deborah Frisch eavesdropped on B&B's conversation and was inspired to tell all at NASW-Chat. I thought the world ought to know what's current among the science writing fraternity and roped in satirical cartoonist Peter Welleman to give us the real dope. For more satirical cartoons check out Peter's site and for more satirical words try Deborah's.