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Elemental Discoveries, its parent site Sciencebase.com, and sibling webzines have received numerous reviews, awards, and mentions over the year

Elemental Discoveries - online ten years - 1996-2006

Sciencebase featured in a C&EN article about blogs on January 29, 2007, Volume 85, Number 05 p. 41 by Bethany Halford,Bloggers Anonymous


" David Bradley's SciObs blog was a blog of the day at RedOrbit in February 2005 and again in November of that year.

Guardian - Pick of the Day 29/9/4David Bradley's Significant Figures blog was a pick of the day in May 2005: "Blogs are great for giving voice to minority interests andSignificant Figures is no exception. Its writers are concerned with the misuse of numbers and scientific measurements. Oddly absorbing."

More of a magazine than a revision aid, this site contains lots of articles of interest to chemist. Great for background reading. Great site.


Guardian - Pick of the Day 29/9/4David Bradley's blog, SciObs, offers a sometimes irreverent, but always intelligent take on the day's science news from this freelance science writer. Guardian pick of the day (29th September 2004)

Scientific American Award

Reactive Reports, sibling webzine to Elemental Discoveries, co-produced by David Bradley

Science Writer and chemistry software house ACD/Labs was named as a recipient of the prestigious Scientific American Sci/Tech Awards. The Awards in their third year honors 50 of the best Web resources for those seeking information on science and technology. Read the full news release here.

[Elemental Discoveries a] ...small but well-formed e-zine whose purpose is to round up the latest happenings in chemistry (with some coverage of other areas). The site is the work of British science journalist David Bradley, and thus has the advantage of clear, concise writing, backed up by an extensive knowledge of the field. In this day of overwhelming quantities of news on every subject, definitely a good resource, particularly for chemists.http://www.sciencebase.com

Spectral Lines is...written by the science writer David Bradley, provides articles across the many areas of spectroscopy, but with a popular slant, which means it's good reading for the expert and the interested lay person alike. Topics covered include polymer gels, glass transitions, using spectropolarimetry to look at distant galaxies, dioxin testing, among others. The parent website also gathers news and features on spectroscopy, has a bookshop and sections on education, recruitment, conferences and more. (reviewed 23 October 2001 by Kate North http://www.spectrallines.com

Reactive Reports - A chemistry webzine that is attractively put together and takes a pride in being cutting edge. The site is run by science writer David Bradley in conjunction with Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD). Some of the featured stories at the time of writing this review (issue 9) ranged from electrodeposition of an electrochemically active fullerene film on electrodes to roles of nitric oxide in muscle relaxation, the immune response, memory, and sexual arousal. The previous issues are archived. Some of the molecular graphics can be downloaded in ChemSketch format, should you have the appropriate software to view them (a product of ACD). (reviewed 26 October 2000 by Steve Marshall

Picked by The Scout Report

Experienced science journalist David Bradley serves up this resource on current chemical happenings. Tracking some of the discoveries and controversies at the forefront of chemistry, each issue summarises a range of newsworthy topics, from gene control and tubular sensors to singing fish

An online magazine produced by David Bradley

, science writer and journalist, this has clearly-written summaries of recent interesting developments in chemistry, biochemistry and medical research. The wide range of topics will appeal to science specialists and non-specialists alike.

Site of the Day for Wednesday, May 28, 2003. 'Today's site offers an effortless view of what's current in the world of chemistry. Gentle Members who recall with minor dread their last encounter with the periodic table need have no qualms about a visit to this entertaining and informative site by noted UK science writer, David Bradley.
  Designed for easy accessibility by the lay person, this web magazine features current articles on such topics as catnip as a termite repellent, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and honey, environmentally friendly tires and "(ammonia) a newly discovered nitrogen-fixation reaction's role on the emergence of life". A click on the archives link leads to  past issues with equally intriguing short essays. In addition, a humor section with a list of answers from high school chemistry exams is an amusing side trip.' Connect to the website for an easygoing roundup of chemistry -www.reactivereports.com

...brings together chemistry news and research. Contains excellent material for professional chemists and students.

Paul Heelis, the sites Chemical Data category editor recommended sciencebase.com This is an interesting and regularly updated science magazine by David Bradley, an award-winning UK science writer. The site is aimed to a general audience interested in chemistry and hope to become a major source of science communication.

The European Science Foundation links to SCIENCEbase.com as an interesting and useful science site.


Both SCIENCEbase.com and Reactive Reports are listed by the Cambridge University Chemical Laboratory in its comprehensive and up-to-date lists of internet-linked chemistry-related journals.

Sciencebase - a great site of science news with a chemistry slant


Reactive Reports - Learn about exciting developments in chemistry and related fields by checking out this Web-based chemistry magazine. Read about the molecule behind a Biblical plague, a marine bacteria that can bubble-wrap iron, and a compound found in a Native American herbal remedy that may hold the key to overcoming antibiotic resistance. The articles are accessible to a lay audience. Cool Site: April 2000

A prerequisite for chemistry updates, Earth/matriX::Science Today, August 2000



Very nice site, excellent designs, beautiful original graphics, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. Worthy enterprises and positive contributions to the Web.


BioMedNet Linked site

The articles included in Elemental Discoveries cover all of the sciences but the emphasis is on chemistry. This small journal is searchable, easily navigable and kept current

Reactive Reports - A web-based chemistry magazine, crossing a research orientation with a popular look and feel. Examines current chemistry developments in areas such as chomatography and nanotechnology.

Les indispensables en chimie - Ce journaliste scientifique offre des liens vers ses divers articles particuli