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If we got to chat at the Cambridge "Working in the Media Event", I hope I was able to help in some small way with advice on science writing, freelancing and journalism. If you picked up the flyer or my business card, you will have my email address and I'm happy to respond to any additional questions you may have. The key piece of advice, if you want to be a writer, is to GET WRITING and do so passionately and poetically! Feel free to friend me on Facebook (or just like my Facebook page), follow me on Twitter, circle me on Google+.

Connect with me on LinkedIn only if we know each other through business please 

Meanwhile here are a few, hopefully useful, links. The ABSW and NASW both have advice pages for budding science writers.

Resources for Science Writers

Association of British Science Writers -

European Union of Science Journalists -

US National Association of Science Writers -

World Federation of Science Journalists -

US Council for the Advancement of Science Writing -

Science Writers on Facebook -

Press Release Aggregators

AlphaGalileo -

NewsWise -

Eurekalert -

Additional resources

SciScoop Science Writers Page

What is a Science Writer?

Updated for 2013 In case you're interested, I have a new book out Deceived Wisdom, you can buy it in hardback from Amazon, Waterstones, Book Depository etc, but I've also got a PDF ebook version available at a massive discount for students, just 3 quid here.