List of Chymical Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The chymical wedding anniversary list is no ordinary list of presents one might buy for the (un)happy couple to celebrate or denigrate their joining together in (un)holy matrimony. Why would it be? This is Sciencebase after all, an uber geek site for hypernerds, scifooists and everyone who ever dissected a frog, meddled with firefox, built their own chemistry kit or dismantled their grandfather's precious watch long after his death (ahem). Here you will find some of the more unusual and perhaps unsavoury wedding anniversary gifts from the (un)twisted mind of ubergeek science writer David Bradley.

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Marriage Certificate - cellulose
First - Cellulose - the stuff of marriage certificates


Second - Nylon - spicing things up in the bedroom after the honeymoon period is over




Third - DNA - multiplication that's the name of the game  




Fourth - PVC - keeping the garden tidy  


Fifth - Polystyrene - no time for romantic meals out  


Sixth - Tungsten carbide - the house needs fixing  



Seventh - Rockwool - get that loft insulated  



Eighth - Zeolite - more and more laundry powder as the kids get older  



Ninth - Alum - Junior started shaving  




Tenth - Nonoxynol-9 - snip, snip, no need for these any more  



Eleventh - Titanium - a golf widower already?



Twelfth - Kevlar - use protection if you're looking for a good time



Thirteenth - beta-amyloid - early signs of a failing mind?


Fourteenth - pyrolytic carbon - first heart attack too soon  



Fifteenth - Silicon - another new PC for the kids  

Twentieth - Qinghaosu or artemisinin - an antimalarial drug - useful for that celebratory trip to sunnier climes perhaps.



Twenty-second (Hastily inserted for Paul and Clare's anniversary) - Keratin - the stuff of feathers, silk and other unmineralized tissues found in reptiles, birds, amphibians, and mammals. The allusion, 22, two little ducks ;-)

Twenty-Fifth - Formaldehyde - there's even time for some culture


Thirtieth - Cobalt chloride - grow a crystal garden together  



Thirty-Fifth - Calcium - keep taking the tablets when osteoporosis rears its ugly head  




Fortieth - Nd:YAG - a little lasering around the eyes?  



Forty-Fifth - Silicone gel - probably a bit late for that look  



Fiftieth - Rhodium - new catalytic converter?  




Fifty-fifth - poly(p-phenylene vinylene) - display technology for the final countdown - conducting polymers are cheaper to run and flexible  


Sixtieth - Buckminsterfullerene - more beautiful than diamond by far but the exact same element in a different allotropic form

Given that a British couple - Helen and Maurice Kaye - both in their 100s just celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary (their Oak wedding according to the BBC on 27th August 2014), maybe I should add graphene, silicene, perovskite and a few other of the newer wonder materials to extend the gift series beyond 60...



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