Elemental Discoveries - Current Issue

by David Bradley

This is the old Current Issue page for David Bradley's Elemental Discoveries. Below is an archive of titles up to June 2006 issue. You can get the more up to date listings of science articles here.

To celebrate our tenth anniversary of being on the web in 2006, we re-launched Elemental Discoveries as an all-new Science News and Blog section within Sciencebase. You can grab our RSS newsfeed to keep up to date, or pick a specific subject feed to get just those posts in your area of interest, whether that's astronomy, chemistry, sex, or whatever, or sign up for The Elementalist to get the latest site news delivered to your inbox. Below you will find our selection of the best of the blog each month archived up to June 2006. To get the latest headlines visit our STM blog direct or click Science Articles.


In Issue 93:
June 2006
Coffee and alcohol, The erotic brain, Sperm and eggs

In Issue 92:
May 2006
Llama Caffeine Dip Test, Taxol to a T, Artificial Sweeteners and Cancer, Zoo Poo

In Issue 91:
April 2006
Sex Gets Up Women's Noses, Carbon Nanosheets, Interview with Martin Walker

In Issue 90:
March 2006
Critical Trials TGN1412, Interview with Steve Bryant, Black Eyed Peas

In Issue 89:
February 2006
Loud music and ecstasy, Uber Pluto, Face Off, Sporty Nanotubes

In Issue 88:
January 2006
Keep Eating Your Greens, Promise of a Rain Garden, Say NO to Straddling Molecules

This is the archive of the original Elemental Discoveries as it operated from Spring 1996 until the beginning of 2006:

In Issue 87:
December 2005
Father Christmas Research - seasonal family trees
Healthy Pregnancy - Pregnant women should exercise more

In Issue 86:
November 2005
Massive black hole - is it or isn't it?
How to avoid colds and flu - perfectly timed perennial tips
Women in Science - Short review of the story of Dorothea Bate, unearthed

In Issue 85:
October 2005
Bird flu symptoms - why shouldn't all get in a flap over avian influenza (just yet)

In Issue 84:
September 2005
Scientific Research in the Past - What do museum researchers get up to

In Issue 83:
August 2005
Weights and Measures - Understanding changing fundamental constants

In Issue 82:
June-July 2005
Corporate Academia - science at the commercial end from the people who straddle the divide
Movie physics - science at the movies from the people who put it there
Extreme science - science at the extremities from the people who know

In Issue 81:
May issue of Elemental Discoveries
Automated image sorting - software that does for pictures what OCR does for text
Embargoed news story - revisiting an old issue

In Issue 80:
April 2005 Mechanism of muscle contraction
Adenosine triphosphate, muscle and myosin
h2h TV
Topics in Thermodynamics
Drugs on the internet

In Issue 79:
March 2005 Folding Protein Sensors
X-ray Movies
Material comforts for cyclists.


In earlier issues:
Digging in the dirt - liquid crystals under the illuminating gaze of the Advanced Photon Source
Ibogaine against alcohol and drug addiction - cure-all or hallucinogenic red herring
The latest physics research - into Einstein's Brownian motion
Spyware, trojans and worms - computer security and viral updates
Envirox fuel catalyst - UK bus fleet equipped with "green" catalyst
Active galactic nuclei - quasars, black holes and galaxies, Royal Society report from David Bradley
Dissecting the atom - Research at ANL's APS - annual report entry by David Bradley

Catalytic clues - More ANL APS scientific results
SAXS and the water channel - Ditto
Are films ferroelectric? - Yes, according to APS results
Discipline for gold nanocrystals - More good science at the Advanced Photon Source
X-rays shed light on machinery of photosynthesis - another? Yes!
Engineering a solution for gene therapy with plasmid DNA - One more, for now.
Epilepsy research update Guest writer Michael Marshall the epilepsy's window on the brain
Does the MMR vaccine cause autism? Michael Marshall clarifies the controversy.
More medical news headlines here.
Distribution, that's the name of the game - Distributed, or Grid, computing
Contractual Obligation - An increasing trend towards the all too casual employment
A hands-on approach to forensic science - The examination of handwritten documents
Deep-sea exploration - How do scientists cope under pressure? In the depths of the ocean?
The growing problem of biopiracy - Attempts to patent and commercialise
Accidents will happen - human reactions to chemicals and biological reagents
Predicting climate change - As carbon dioxide levels double