David Bradley's RSS Subscriptions in Google Reader

David Bradley OPMLThis is a selection of the RSS newsfeeds I am currently tracking with Google Reader, I constantly add and delete feeds from my Google account so a feed that is here today may have only just been added and may have gone by tomorrow.

Some of the feeds have been in my list for many months if not years, some of the feeds to which I subscribe are not listed here as they are in my Bloglines or other account, or even just accessible to me as Active Bookmarks in Firefox or news subscriptions in Thunderbird email. You can never can tell, but this will give those asking for a simpler way than my OPML file access my subscriptions. If you don't know what an OPML file is, check out this brief intro on my Sciencetext Tech Talk blog.

The script I ran to convert the exported Google Reader OPML file does not retain the folder structure so what you see below is simply a long list of links (together with the RSS feed link) in no particular order. However, you can use the search box below to find topics of interest on any and all of these sites:

Search across my subscribed sites