Premature Ejaculation

By: David Bradley

It has to be a case of the most unfortunate nominative determinism ever, but the Pfizer scientist working on a spray to help sufferers of PE handle their problem better is called Dr Michael Wyllie. That's according to the original write-up from UK tabloid The Sun though. Apparently, Pfizer, makers of Viagra, for those men with a very different problem, have developed a spray that can reduce sensation just enough to allow users to last four times longer than they normally do. The spray is still in development, however, so is not available at the pharmacist just yet. It will be licensed for sale in about two years, although initial tests on 43 volunteers shows it lengthened sex from an average of just under a minute to almost five minutes.

Wyllie is quoted, by The Sun, as saying, "We are very excited. We are almost certainly going to save some marriages." It's unlikely Wyllie, if he exists at all would have been "allowed" to make such statements, as drug company publication relations offices are notorious for covering the company's legal derrieres and Wyllie's statement would almost certainly not stand up in a court of law if a future user had a failed marriage despite using the spray. Nevertheless, it's given this and lots of other medical news sites the chance to include some terrible puns in their own write-ups, so please accept our apologies and check out our recommended treatment by following the link in the ad above to find out more about current approaches to treating premature ejaculation.

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