Clams on Prozac

The sex connection with oysters (I don’t mean sex with them, obviously, but that they’re supposed to be an aphrodisiac) is obvious but what about clams on Prozac?

A US biologist claimed to have discovered that the anti-depressant can help improve the sex lives of shellfish. According to Peter Fong of Gettysberg College he found that the drug stimulates freshwater fingernail clams and zebra mussels to spawn, which could be useful for clam and mussel farmers. A clue as to why lies in the effects of Prozac on raising serotonin levels – the compound not only affects human mental happiness but is the trigger for spawning in these creatures.

Fong added mysteriously that rarely has either animal been observed to spawn in the wild or in the laboratory without the use of an artificial chemical aid. I was puzzled then as to how these aquatic creatures managed to reproduce successfully for millions of years before the invention of Prozac.