Jugs and bras

I’m puzzled by the underlying logic used by the British department store Debenhams in its shopping website, http://www.nulldebenhams.com/. While searching their catalogue, for a decanter and glasses as a potentially ideal house-warming present for my sister, I typed in the word “jug” and hit the search button. But, rather than a listing of pouring vessels I was confronted with some rather naughty-sounding bras, among them the “Wicked” bra, the “Shame on you” bra, and the “Wonderbra Bliss, dew drop bra”.

Not exactly appropriate gifts between siblings I thought. But, was this the departing joke of a disgruntled programmer we wondered. Jugs…bras…? For those not familiar with the English schoolboy vernacular, jugs is a vulgarism for breasts. Debenhams may have once proclaimed it to be “where Christmas wishes come true” but maybe “our cup overfloweth” would be a more apt slogan!