Google agog

We were searching for a mugshot of a medical scientist to illustrate a news story but Google’s image browser failed us in our quest. Until, that is, we switched “off” the Adult Content filter employed by the search engine.

At this point our elusive scientist appeared together with pictures of the covers of the journals Science, Nature, PNAS, and Neuron. Now, what was it about our scientist contact that meant he was X-rated and what was it about those journals that they were considered by Google to be adults only? Should librarians be putting them on the top shelf? One possible explanation is that Google filtered because the cover pictures of the journals were on the University of California’s Anatomy Department website.

So, the reasoning goes, “anatomy” must be too salacious for Google hence it was filtered. Just think what else you might be missing in your image searches. Incidentally, his research is in the totally unsalacious field of TB.