Ohpurleese.com – latest issue

Forget this week’s announcement from Scientific American that is to abandon a Darwinocentric approach to evolution just for today. Ohpurleese has announced the discovery of the Higg’s Boson: Ohpurleese.com. The work was apparently carried out in a cold fusion kind of experiment by Professor Hayes at Kangmere College, whereever that is (it’s an anagram of Greek Man if that’s any help)…methinks this elusive particle will exist for a mere 12 hours! (Check out the apparatus and mutant hand, but don’t bother with the full paper PDF at the Kang-Mere (with a hyphen) site, as you’ll get this message: “WITHDRAWN. Due to ongoing patent registration and some overseas litigation the .pdf files have temporarily been removed.” Apparently, they couldn’t leverage quite enough levers.