Comment is with you

UPDATE: Well, apart from one “supportive” comment, the majority so far have been the usual spam bollocks…so…I may just disable again and forget about it. I’ll give it another couple of days.

Five years ago this month I got so fed up with the spam to genuine comment ratio…1 in 100 comments were real, the rest were spam…and with 7000 comments up to that point on the site, that was an awful lot of fake, fraudulent, scammy, spammy traffic (at the time, trolling wasn’t actually a problem on this site). So, I disabled comments.

Today, a tweet from my friend and fellow writer, Adam Smith, pointed to an article by Ernst-Jan Pfauth on entitled “Let’s give reader comments another chance – and for real, this time” posted on writing platform medium. It inspired me to change my mind, so with a bit of technical deb0rking I’ve reinstated comment and you can now, once again make your views known on any given article of mine (posted within the last month).

Let’s see how this pans out in terms of signal-to-noise ratio…I don’t have high hopes…prove me wrong!