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50 thoughts on “Sciencebase Guestbook Q&A”

  1. Praise via email from Sciencebase reader and science enthusiast Clayton in Canada

    “I must admit to both admiring and envying you and your accomplishments. Your ability to present and explain what are often novel, complex and difficult scientific concepts, as well as your apparent effortless facility with words in doing so, are two notable and praiseworthy aspects of your skill and reputation as a premier professional science writer.

    And, it has been my experience that you always exude an admirable sense of humility when praised and congratulated for your obvious writing acumen. Try not to deflect the praise and congratulations – you’ve earned both many times over. In my experience you are never condescending, but are always gracious in presenting both your views and in addressing or responding to the views of others. You are both a gentleman and a scholar.”

  2. Only today I read of the ‘Periodic Table of Science Bloggers’ on the Universe Today site. I thought it quite amusing and possibly very useful to some.

    Edited for brevity.

  3. my science teacher gave us some extra credit and it turns out he just printed off the elemental puns from this site! haha i got every one right :)

  4. Hey David,

    Just found this website, and I think it’s awesome! I’ve subscribed to the RSS feed, and I can’t wait to to explore your site more. I especially like that you have articles about science research, AND about science writing, as I am an aspiring science writer myself. Great job!

  5. @Karen You’ve hit the nail on the head! Advocates of these so-called herbal remedies that allegedly boost “energy” levels are, if they do anything, stimulants, just like caffeine and other natural products. The marketing hype cannot have it both ways, as I’ve said in the post.

  6. Hi, Just wanted to let you know I had an awful experience with rhodiola rosea. I had the worst panic attacks that I ever had in my whole life. I also got a splitting headache. At first I didn’t understand what was causing this. I took this stuff to stop anxiety and now my attacks were worse than ever. Every little thing bothered me and I was freaking out. Finally, after a couple of days it dawned on me that it must be the rhodiola. That was the only new thing that was going into my body that week.

    A person who commented compared this stuff to speed. I am a hyper person and speed is not a good thing for me to take. I cannot understand how rhodiola is compared to speed, caffeine, and is supposed to be an anxiety and stress reducer at the same time. This is very confusing. Please explain.

  7. Very interesting. This site is good to go for research on interests or concerns such as the H1N1 or as most say it swine influenza. Good Job.

  8. What do you think of the educational package now posed by President Obama. I have had many private comments on goofbucket that I cannot answer and am looking for a base to refer these comments. Many are based on science and technology. Let me know if you are interested as I am starving for time to get to a lot of ideas

  9. Dear David,

    I am a researcher in mechanics, and now and again, I upload a preprint version of my articles on There are now more than 500,000 articles on arxiv, and counting. I was most impressed to see that you noticed a recent posting of mine, on the mechanics of stabbing. You are very thorough! I was delighted that you decided to write a summary of our findings. They were not that easy to present and you made a great job of it. Congratulations on your clear and synthetic style.

    Michel Destrade,
    University College Dublin.

  10. hello david!

    im a postgraduate student taking MS Biology here in the Philippines. in a few months from now, i will be in my thesis writing. i want that my topic is focused about conservation biology or ecology. if it is ok with you, please give me some suggestions on possible topics for my thesis.

    here in our place, we have a wetland that is not studied (though it is visited mostly because of the migratory birds) but a thorough study has not been made. i want to study the area. can you give me some suggestions on what to study or give emphasis? =)

    another interesting site are the caves which is very open to the public (and of course, it is now on the brink of destruction)..i want to study it so that there will be a basis for policy makers to do something in order to save it from total destruction….as well as the wetlands.
    your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    thanks so much for making this kind of site where students like me can confide and ask for assistance to an expert like you.

    more power!!! =)

  11. This site is wonderful and a great resource for science educationalists. I am glad that I visited as I will be able to recommend it to fellow science teachers.
    Thank you for adding to the orange starred, day in a sentence, this week. I have fixed up the link and am sorry about it not working initially.

  12. Sorry. Where can I find right chapter on this forum to post fun stuff (i mean pics or.. videos.) Thanks. :))
    Cheers. Looking forward hearing from you………. :) (i hope it is allowed. maybe in Offtop? :beer:


  13. Hi David

    I am a undergraduate in a bachelor of education course at Murdoch uni (Perth, Australia). I am studying science this semester and wanted to let you know how great your site is!

    Your writing is easy to read and very interesting.

    I came to this site through Google to the “Uncool Boffins: All children’s perceptions of scientists” article and am hooked!

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  14. Can I just say that I highly appreciate the way that you maintain the context, integrity of the views expressed and yet still make the observations read in a highly consistent manner in your blog.

    I genuinely admire the way that you do this and am happy to continue to be a contributor where there are areas that I think my opinions, experience or knowledge can add value.

    I also appreciate how conscientious you are to credit the original thinker, to challenge the views constructively and give a balanced view of the contentious issues you report upon.

    Well done.



  15. Sevtap, I’m sure some of the Eurekalert pages have had adult stem cell research, but you’re right, I don’t think I’ve covered adult stem cells personally on this site. Perhaps you could give me an indication of what information you’re after. Wikipedia would be one place to look, of course, alternatively, I believe adult stem cells have been covered on


  16. ıt is a very nice site. Congrats!. but ı don’t find something about adult stem cells. Can you help me!

  17. Very nice site David. I’ve added it to my bookmarks and my favorites at Technorati. A lot of my artworks are inspired by science (physics) so I like reading at sites like yours.


  18. In response to the post concerning the treatment of asthma with MP. I had severe childhood asthma that began to return a few years ago (I’m 45 y/o). After taking zithromax for 6 months for psoriatic arthritis, the wheezing and shortness of breath completely disappeared. I have not had the same success with the arthritis, but currently do not live close to a Dr who uses MP. I’m moving this spring and have already found a Dr to see when I get there.


  19. Dear David,

    The text you wrote highlighting our work on molecular squares is really excellent, outstanding. Your text was lively and interesting, and it perfectly captured some of the current scientific challenges in supramolecular chemistry and the contributions that our work at APS made to this field. I will have no modifications to this text. Thanks for the effort and very nice job that you did in summarizing our work.

    David Tiede
    Chemistry Division
    Argonne National Laboratory

  20. Dear David

    I hope you remember me. I wanted to thank you for all the good things you have done. My work has got wide reach because of you.

    Thaaaank you very much

    Thulasi Bai
    Researcher in telemedicine
    Sathyabama University in Tamil Nadu

  21. Why did I not discover your site earlier? I just found it today. I browsed through it. It’s a very informative and wonderful site… Thanks

    Zaki Yamani

  22. Great site. As I hire postdoc’s for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, I’d like to say that I applaud your efforts in science.

    Brad Parish, PHR
    Program Manager, ORNL Postdoctoral Recruitment
    Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education

  23. Well done, Mr. Bradley. You have many good sources and a knack for finding good stories. It is one of the few blogs that I read and I have tried to let others know about it. I’m always happy to find people who understand how fun science can be.

    Carry on,


  24. Welcome to!
    Frontline science answers the big questions about the miracle of life. Celebrating the legacy of Sweden’s great natural scientist Carl Linnaeus.

    Every week on you’ll find a fascinating new question – and some expert answers – about life on the planet.

  25. Hello

    Congratulations on your fabulous blog. I am Joao Soares, a 40y old biology teacher with a PhD in Applied Ecology and I edit an environmental blog (available in English) BioTerra.

    Best regards from Portugal


  26. David,

    In my last post in the comment thread for Intelligent Dawkins debate, I referred to you in the third person as ‘the moderator(s), unaware that this is your site. I apologize for that oversight, and again thank you for allowing the thread to continue even when things got hot.

    You do have a great site here, and I’m afraid I’ve put it into my newsreader, so it’s likely that I’ll show up in comments again.


  27. Hello,

    Just wanted to say Hi and let you know that I really like your site.

    It’s way way way cool!! Keep up the great work

    Mary M.

  28. Hello Dave,

    I’m so glad I’ve found this fascinating blog via MyBlogLog. I’ve read some of your posts, boy… you made them so easy to understand.

    Joined your community at MBL, bookmarked, and let me finish my reading…


  29. Without much explication or comment over a work that holds perfection, even a blind man should recognize it. I am so glad being given the privilege to read this. To my friend, David Bradley, I will say thumbs up….this is the perfection that is happening to the world of bloggers this season. I think all men should subscribe to this.

  30. Hey Dave:

    I love your blog! Your blog is an essential tool for non-scientists looking at the rhetoric of academic and popular science. Few writers are able to communicate complicated technical details to a general audience, but your blog is proof that it can be done.



  31. This review from Stumbleupon user “ar0cketman” – [Sciencebase is a] Science news aggregator that doesn’t just echo PR puff pieces.

    Thanks for that ar0cketman!

    As, most visitors know we’re not just a science news aggregator though, we have original news, views, and interviews, as well as feature articles, science lesson plans, science experiments, a science blog or two, and science fair information.

    Meanwhile, SU user “Bunnu” had this to say: “Thumbs up for u….the first person I saw with only science related topics…” and I guess that’s fairly accurate too, most of the stuff here is science oriented, but under that broad umbrella we include medical and health news and information too, as well as some pretty geeky stuff that’s not exactly science either.

    To read reviews from other Stumblers check out my SU page here.

  32. Ur site is very inspiring, thank you :-)

    Fred M Kaaby
    Organic Chemist
    Bergen, Norway

  33. It is my pleasure to announce that David Bradley won the extremely informal contest to rename my personal blog ( I am a health and medical writer, and I had started to blog about eye problems I had been having due to a benign autoinflammatory condition. Originally, I had named the blog “My Right Eye.” Then I was diagnosed with a very early stage case of endometrial cancer and started covering that in the blod, which made the first name a bit off topic. He came up with “Body Parts,” which covers topics like hysterectomies and the loss of belly buttons quite nicely. I thank him and when he is next in the United States, he gets to collect his prize of lunch.

  34. Thank you so much for writing the story about our recent paper. It was a big surprise and a great honor for us to see that article on spectroscopyNOW. It is a beautifully written story and it just could not be better! My students and I are very excited about this and we greatly appreciate your choice. If I could be of any help in the future please feel free to contact me.

  35. I’m posting a comment that was made about Sciencebase by Brandon Emig on his UPenn site –

    “Perhaps most amazing about this site is that it seems (though not explicitly stated) that David Bradley has written all of these articles himself. This prolific science author has generated interviews, website reviews and links, as well as hundreds of articles. This site could be a great aid to any instructor wishing to impart a personal dimension to what might be an otherwise abstract subject. I highly recommend it and thank the author for this useful catalogue of excellent work.”

    Just to clarify, yes, this site is all my own work. Unless specifically stated all articles are written and/or edited by me, with the obvious exception of the science press release feeds found on the Eurekalert pages for instance.

  36. Just wondered if you’d glance at my ‘blog’
    and let me know if you have any thoughts.

    Meanwhile, yours is bookmarked
    (and possibly linked to mine) –
    with your permission.

    Thank you,


  37. This [] is a good site. I have a biology project and all we
    need are 10 articles that have to do with life science and that are current or new articles as I believe these are. It’s a good site makes the job easier, especially when, no offense, I find this stuff boring.



  38. I read stuff here that I would never know about otherwise. I am a science teacher and find interesting tidbits to pass on to my students. Thanks for the great site

    Susan Beard

  39. I can’t help checking your site several times a day for new science news. Yours is just the best of them all.

    But one deficiency. If I miss my noon perusal and come back in the even or the next morning, it seems that a lot of what was posted earlier is gone. The site appears to list just a certain number of recent postings, with the earlier ones at the end of the list merely lost into the digital ether. [Actually, nothing is deleted just check out the sciencebase archives.

    You’ve got so much good stuff on your site I really don’t want to miss any of it, but I know that I have, in failing to keep dropping in several times a day.

    My best — for your site, which is science’s best.


    John Blakeman
    Huron OH
    (via email)

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