Science Link Harvest

by David Bradley

As well as the standard Sciencebase links pages, I've used Alex King's Link Harvest plugin for Wordpress to pull in all the sites to which I have linked in almost 1000 posts on the Sciencebase Science Blog. Below are the harvested links from the actual blog content in decreasing order of linkedness. The more links to a particular site, the higher it is on the list, in other words. You can use the links on the right side of the list to view the individual links to each site and the posts on which those links appear. If it's not obvious the higher ranking links are to other sites for which I write including, Intute Spotlight, Reactive Reports, SciScoop, ChemSpy, etc. It's not quite a link harvest for the world, and if it doesn't show you where I'm coming from, at least it shows you where you're going.