Melamine Contaminated Milk

A brief summary and update to the Sciencebase original posts on Melamine in Milk and Melamine Scandal Widens. Dairy farmers have been feeling the squeeze for years, particularly in parts of the world where technological advancement has been slow in coming and so their profit margins on their milk output have not been lifted by […]

Disastrous Rumours

Gossip and rumours, they are the life force of cultural interaction. Just ask Guy Kawasaki, whose website took off last year, the hundreds of hacks who peddle the minutiae of celebrity lifestyles complete with the Photoshopped products of the paparazzi, or Perez Hilton. But, there is a serious side to rumours. In the midst […]

Spectral Analysis

This week in my SpectroscopyNOW column, I have four new posts covering, as usual, a wide range of solutions to scientific and technical problems. First up, is the discovery that compounds found in cannabis could lead to novel antibiotics that are less susceptible to resistance than conventional drugs. Then, we have a new type of […]