Nervous, Monopolar, Solvents

Superfast fluorescent sensor molecules that detect and destroy nerve agent, chemical weapons, caught The Alchemist’s eye this week, as did new insights into the ancient oxygen levels of the early earth. A very alchemical notion emerges from Austria suggesting that life elsewhere in the universe may use sulfuric acid instead of water as its vital […]


Until 2001, few people had heard the term micro ribonucleic acids, but these little chunks of nucleic acid, just 21 to 23 bases long, have been conserved throughout evolution. They don’t code for proteins, but they do seem to be involved in the regulation of immunity, the development and differentiation of immune cells, antibody production […]

Organic Compost Chemistry

Okay…so I was kind of joking about doing a regular weekly gardening column, but having spent rather longer weeding and feeding this week than I intended to, I need to get something written for Sciencebase today that wouldn’t be too demanding. So here’s a quick guide to composting your kitchen and garden waste. These are […]