Indian urban wetland heavy metal

A study of heavy metal contaminants in the urban lakes of India, particularly around Bangalore have revealed that attempts at mitigation meant to remove these pollutants have not so far worked and may not be a long-term remedy for the problem. I’ve provided more detail on the analysis in the Atomic ezine on SpectroscopyNOW this […]

Asian flush, blush, glow

UPDATE: March 9, 2010 – Baclofen, the muscle relaxant and GABA agonist is being touted once more as a treatment for alcoholism. Read my thoughts on sibling science site As with much of medical science, the appearance of a fascinating research paper and an accompanying press release do not usually mean that a new […]

Chemophobia and risk

As a chemist by training, I’ve always been loath to give credence to unfounded criticism of synthetic chemicals that might stoke up chemophobia. Indeed, on several occasions I have written about how our bodies have evolved to cope with all kinds of chemicals regardless of whether they are synthetic or “natural”. I’ve never been a […]