Acrylamide Debate

The Scientist today reports how a German study claiming that levels of acrylamide in the body might not be so strongly affected by consumption of acrylamide-containing fried foods as earlier research implied has come under heavy criticism from the team’s peers. Quite ironically, the magazine describes the disagreements as “bitter”.

Author: David Bradley

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5 thoughts on “Acrylamide Debate”

  1. No food is completely risk-free. Acrylamide is one of many substances we are exposed to in food that may be harmful to our health, including immediate risks such as food poisoning from not cooking food thoroughly. Most of our food contains some level of substances that could contribute to cancer. This does not mean it will. There are many causes of cancer, which include lifestyle; environment, tobacco etc. and some people are more susceptible than others to particular factors.

  2. No need to apologise. This is a dialogue, not just my rants and raves. I’m sure a Google search on those disorders and acrylamide would bring lots of results, there are lots of interested parties on both sides when it comes to diseases and causes. Aspartame and Gulf War Syndrome was a big one when we we first inaugurating The Alchemist on back in 1997! I’d be more included to do a PubMed search rather than look on Google for valid scientific results though, Google Scholar at a push, perhaps. The “Nothing new under the sun” post from 2002 (link below) might be of interest.

  3. Sorry David
    There’s just too much conflicting evidence going on for my taste. Just trying to make a point….
    Might interest you that all these foods with high of acrylamide have come up too often in relation to psoriasis/arthritis just type coeliac-psoriasis in google search or arthritis- coeliac….
    Warm regards Stirling Strauss

  4. Thanks for the comment on the acrylamide debate, unfortunately at the time I made this post (November 2005) there was no time to do a more complete write-up. I believe the research discussed was carried out by Norbert Haase of the BAGKF (The Federal Institution for grain, potato and fat research in Detmold and Münster), he’s also variously cited as belonging to the federal research institute for nutrition and food (BFEL) in Detmold, although I doubt he’s trying to hide behind multiple identities. I could not find a conflict of interest statement, but it’s very unlikely that this guy is sponsored by big Mac.

  5. Who sponsored that study? There’s simply too much evidence that acrylamide plays a critical role in many diseases for that to be disputed. Acrylamide Calcium Protease /Psoriasis is just one besides the ever increasing evidence of it’s role in Cancers. If not by eating?.. Did big mac sponsor the study ?

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