Athletic footsy

A friend of mine changed gyms recently – price hike at the old one – and had been for a couple of workouts and a swim & sauna when he noticed a nasty itching between his toes and that the skin was peeling and inflamed looking.

He guessed it was athlete’s foot and booked an appointment to see the doc. By the time he got to see him, my friend’s feet had gone from bad to worse. The toes were a mess and there were blisters all over the tops of his feet. The doc said it was the worst case of athlete’s foot he’d seen and stuck him on an antifungal and antibiotics to clear it up.

Thankfully, it seems to be going, but it’s left him wondering whether he should have stuck with the old gym. Could it have been a sweaty session in the sauna that did it? Don’t they disinfect these places? Apparently, athlete’s foot is on the up and poor sanitation in health clubs is partly to blame. Still, best foot forward, eh?

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