Attenborough: Twitter is not trivial

“Twitter may sound trivial, it’s not. It’s hugely important.” It will transform the way that people talk to one another. Surely, if we can put a man on the moon, we can put our own house in order. The inimitable Sir David Attenborough OM on population growth, communication, life on earth.

Oh, did I mention I met him once…?

4 thoughts on “Attenborough: Twitter is not trivial”

  1. The character limits force people to be very crisp and clear in their twitter updates. It’s like headline and strapline writing with the option to add a link to a resource, a photo, video, soundclip etc…it’s more engaging by far than other social media platforms. Watching the 2012 Opening Ceremony and scanning twitter for commentary was great fun, especially when that idiot Tory MP made his ill-informed remarks about “multicultural” and “leftie” aspects of Danny Boyle’s wonderful creation…

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