Best coffee you ever tasted…in the crystal meth lab

As a chemist, I was drawn to Breaking Bad from the very start. One of the coolest scenes is in Episode 6 of series…sorry season 3, when Gale makes Walt (Heisenberg to the drug world) the best cup of coffee he has ever tasted using apparatus rigged up in the crystal meth factory lab owned by Gus. Breaking Bad is back on US screens later in July.

The opening credits for Breaking Bad based on the Periodic Table are almost as cool as the show itself:

2 thoughts on “Best coffee you ever tasted…in the crystal meth lab”

  1. That reminds me of the “toddies” we made in grad school by putting ground coffee in a Flint bottle and doing a cold extraction in the refrigerator. None of the bitter components were extracted. We filtered out the grounds with a Buchner funnel and then diluted the extract with hot water. The only problem was….without bitterness, it was easy to use too much without realizing it. Too much caffeine — nearly climbed the walls!

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