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Readers interested in sexual chemistry will have spotted the recent item on bremelanotide (Sex Gets Up Women’s Noses, April 24, 2006), which is soon to enter Phase III clinical trials for female sexual dysfunction (see also PLoS Medicine on the subject of disease mongering).

Anyway, recent sciencebase visitors have been trying to locate the material data safety sheet (MSDS) for this compound (judging from the recent spate of searches on the site for that term). Anyway, has excellent access to several MSDS sources here. If it’s listed anywhere you should be able to find the bremelanotide MSDS there.

A blogger on another site discussing my short bremelanotide article, suggested that the fact this drug is odourless and colourless represented a serious risk in terms of men spiking a woman’s drink, but I wonder…this drug doesn’t knock you out or give you amnesia it just makes you horny, so if Mr B. Nomates can’t score under normal circumstances when any number of potential mates may be horny or not, it won’t seriously boost his chances will it?

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  1. Do you have any legitimate links to companies selling bremelanotide (PT141)? or the newer PL-6983 ?

    My missus has no sexual desire and i’m desperate to find this new wonder drug and try to persuade her it’s worth a shot!

    Desperate, but loves wife!

  2. Hi – a little late in replying to your post, but may be worth adding an update here for your readers in regards to the Phase III clinical trials for female sexual dysfunction. ..

    AFAIK, those clinical trials have been completed and as of late December 06 Palatin Technologies completed enrollment in the pre-menopausal cohort of a Phase 2 “at-home” clinical trial for women (to evaluate the initial multiple-dose safety and efficacy of bremelanotide). A similar trial phase was also completed for diabetic and nondiabetic men experiencing ED and those results have been published.

    If interested, a summary of that report along with some other Bremelanotide news (incl ABC News video/article) was published in the December 06 edition of the “Bremelanotide Bulletin” (I made it my linked name for this post).

    And regarding the possibility of a woman getting her drink spiked with this stuff… it’s not likely.

    First off, Bremelanotide is administered via a nasal mist – not ingested orally. And a think the ladies would get a bit suspicious of some guy trying to get them to take a snort from his bottle! LOL

    Not to mention the fact subjects do NOT lose all control of their senses and inhibitions… it makes you aroused, not insane. *IF* some slob could convince a woman in a bar to take Bremelanotide, she would most likely become aroused and – if she’s the type – take home a different guy she’d normally be attracted to. Or – if she isn’t the type to take a guy home from a bar – would go home by herself and take matters into her own hands…

    That’s my 2 cents and thanks for the post!

    – Stephanie

  3. Okay. Thanks for letting me know. I probably need to add a new MSDS server to that site to make sure at least one of them does. Watch this space.

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