End of the World

Well, the sleeping Americans probably┬ádon’t know it yet, but the end of the world hasn’t happened as Australians and others who have already entered the day Winter Solstice will attest. Google celebrates with a piece of the Mayan Calendar. Of course, why anyone would trust the “predictions” of a civilization that didn’t predict its own demise centuries ago is beyond me. More to the point though, we in the West have a new calendar to mark the Earth travelling another orbit around the sun, but we don’t see New Year’s Eve as being the start of the apocalypse each year. The Mayans just didn’t get around to publishing their new calendar for the next period after what is to our minds the date 2012-12-21.

There was a rumour about a big asteroid passing by a few days ago, there were also rumours that Betelgeuse in Orion was about to go “supernova”…well the asteroid has been and gone and Phil Plait debunked that story on supernovae two years ago. And, here we are. Still here…for now.

Mayan calendar end of the world

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  1. You say the Mayan calendar was used in the US from 200 BC to the 16th Century…of course, the US didn’t exist during that period, the US was created in 1776, I do believe. Of course, what we know as continental America did and was populated long before that…

  2. The Mayan calendar moves in cycles with the last cycle ending in Dec 2012. This is often considered as “the world will end on 21 Dec 2012, at 11:11 UTC”. The Mayan calender was mostly used in U.S. from around 200 B.c. to 16th century.

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