Higgs news leaked from CERN

UPDATE: The video is now active again.

Is this the face of a man who has just discovered the most important thing in physics since the top quark?

Joe Incandela, CMS Spokesperson, on CMS progress on the search for the Higgs Boson, 4 July 2012

via Joe Incandela, CMS Spokesperson, on CMS progress on the search for the Higgs Boson, 4 July 2012. Apparently, unearthed by Kate Travis.

We may find out yet that the properties of the Higgs boson don’t fit the Standard Model of physics. All extremely preliminary, looking for a few grains of sand on a beach.

“We think this is pretty darned significant.”

NB If they didn’t want this on the internet, they shouldn’t have put it on the internet. CERN invented the web…so really, they should’ve known that someone would find the page and leak it before the 4th July press conference.

Was here first, I do believe: http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/341970/title/CMS_spokesman_Weve_observed_a_new_particle

CERN is claiming that it was just one of several made to cover various hypothetical findings. Sounds like nonsense to me. Videos in their files either side are still available and much more general. Incandela said in the video that he was very tired which is why he may not have seemed very excited. The video was dated 29th June and the leaked page dated 4th July, there seems not to have been any other pages or videos…come on CERN, if you have the other hypotheticals make them all public!

So, those other videos are the ones in which Incandela discusses his disappointment at not finding the Higgs and we’re all deflated…

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