Homeopathy Plus? Minus!

‘”There is no argument against homeopathy which stands up to scientific scrutiny. They are simply slogans, distortions and downright lies” says the HMC21 organisation.’

Hmmm. Homeopathic activists are getting vexed and waving banners and signing petitions it seems…

Well…science does not need to make “arguments” against homeopathy. Homeopathy needs to prove that its treatments work. The burden of proof is on those who make the claims for its efficacy not on those who understand the chemistry of water.

I’d like to see the trials, the data, the evidence, that demonstrate a prophylactic effect against malaria or HIV, say, before they start shouting about scientific scrutiny. I don’t care if the worried well want to waste their money on sugar pills to deal with their anxiety and neuroses and to claim back their me time. When homeopaths advise against taking functional anti-malaria medication in preference for a bottle of water with a wacky name that’s a different matter as it is potentially lethal pseudoscience that could affect many more people than the “patient”.

Do these people not imagine that the pharmaceutical industry would jump on homeopathy and sell it at a profit just the same if it wasn’t simply infinitely dilute preparations. Where is there any evidence at all that “like cures like” or that diluting anything makes it stronger?

2 thoughts on “Homeopathy Plus? Minus!”

  1. Yes, we always assume that there are lots of people who think they have been cured by homeopathy…it’s more likely that aside from a few militant dilutionists that there are very few. People who turn to sCAM are often desperate and flit from one spurious remedy to the next in the vain hope that some science-free “holistic” nonsense will help them, when mostly it won’t and will simply leave them with less money for their funeral expenses…

  2. I’d like to see the trials, the data, the evidence,
    No evidence that millions of people claim they have been cured by it.

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