Most Commented Posts on Sciencebase

Most Commented Posts on Sciencebase

If you have ever wondered what gets people chatting on the Sciencebase Blog and why the site has now almost reached the 5000 passed the 3000 newsfeed subscriber point, then you might like to check out this selection of recent posts that, according to a neat little WordPress plugin are the posts with the most comments. Actually Alex King’s Popularity Contest can do the same thing.

It makes for interesting reading, not least because it reveals just how diverse the posts are that catch your interest. You can see a selection of the top-commented posts compiled in January 2008 below.

Some posts obviously pique the curiosity of school students working on science assignments, others reach out to those interested in new avenues of research in medicine, and yet others touch the raw nerves often exposed in the evolution-creation debate. Some, like the Lego and the mp3 player items simply entertain and provide a little education at the same time.

I may make this a regular feature, so watch out for an update soon and
don’t forget to click the titles that catch your eye most and leave your own comments to help keep the debate rolling along.

3 thoughts on “Most Commented Posts on Sciencebase”

  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Mina! I sometimes wonder whether the site is too diverse, but then I look at the number of people subscribing to the site’s newsfeed (currently hovering around 3000) and assume that I must be doing something right ;-)

    Yes, eating in lab (especially a dissection in bio) is not a good idea…


  2. The range of topics that you cover never ceases to amaze me. Hehehe. I found the one re: blogging/fired very interesting because I think that given how many people are blogging these days, it had a lot of relevance to readers. I also chuckled at the ‘egg’ one because I still remember doing that experiment in science class way back when (well not THAT way back). ;) I was so chuffed when it worked. Too bad I was such a disaster in the lab otherwise. First rule of the lab: don’t eat in the lab. Second rule: if you’re going to eat, don’t eat what you use in the experiment. I’ll blame it on my age though. :p

  3. Just reread the blogging and getting fired post again. It is quite a treat to work for someone with more lax blog policies.

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